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Saint MarysYesterday I spoke to a group of women at Saint Mary’s College here in South Bend. I haven’t been on the road speaking much lately, I have been focused on my immigration advocacy work locally. Speaking at rallies and events about empowerment, engagement and becoming advocates for those who most need our help. I wrote a blog on my personal page about how we can advocate, using what you have (money, time, connections, etc.) to help those with less. (Blog)

The program was sponsored by the Catholic Relief Services student group. The two young women who lead the program were fantastic and I was watching their faith in action. During the presentation they described the CRS mission of putting Faith in Action to get Results. It spoke to me, I wove it into my presentation, and now am writing this as I am still feeling the inspiration.

I have been struggling about my speaking, and if I am making a difference. Or how can I make a bigger difference? I want to do more speeches that motivate people to engage, to put their ideals into practice, to work to make the world what they want it to be. We need that now, man, now more than ever.

I had developed a program called “Brothers Let’s Talk” which was about getting fraternity man to do more than just not be in trouble, but to actively work to make position change. To stop being bystanders on the common challenges on college campuses… and now I am working on how do I apply that into a bigger context, how can I challenge more college students to start speaking out, to starting acting in ways to make this world a better place?

For now everyone reading this… take small steps, make a gift to CRS, talk to a friend, sign a petition, and start looking for ways to help get some results. Having a personal belief is great, but thinking good thoughts, and posting things on Facebook won’t change the world. Taking action to help get results is what we need… then finding friends to help with that cause is what will make this a beautiful world for our children.

Watch out… more inspired lectures coming from me…

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