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New Program: Berkeley’s Burning

I just returned from the AFLV Central conference in Indy (conference recap coming soon). I was inspired by so many students asking me about the advocacy that I do through La Casa de Amistad that I had to write a new program. Still fine tuning it, but I stayed up all night and wrote the […]

Conference Tips for MGC Members

As we enter the conference season… AFLV Central and West, the NGLA Conference, and several other regional conferences I thought I would write some advice for the culturally based Greek members out there attending conferences. I remember my first MGCA (called AFLV Central now) in 2001. Out of over 1,200 participants there was less than […]

Cars and People

This past weekend I spoke at the national convention of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). I am a member, and I was asked to present one of the keynote times, and one small breakout. I run our teen driving school in my region, and we received several awards for our program so I […]

Faith. Action. Results.

Yesterday I spoke to a group of women at Saint Mary’s College here in South Bend. I haven’t been on the road speaking much lately, I have been focused on my immigration advocacy work locally. Speaking at rallies and events about empowerment, engagement and becoming advocates for those who most need our help. I wrote […]

Fall 2016!

This fall was a fun and hectic time for OutSight Consulting! Lets recap! Hazing Programs! As an original board member for HPO I used to do a lot of programs on hazing. I strayed away from it and was glad to get a few requests this year. I traveled to sunny Miami to one of […]

Why Retreats Matter

This past weekend I was with the NextGeneration (#RJONextGen) Conference in Chicago. Hosted by the Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO), NextGen is designed to help provide management skills and leadership experience to those moving up and preparing to take ownership of independent jewelry stores. I helped write the originally curriculum a few years ago and have […]

Brothers Let’s Talk

Today on Facebook a post from the The Guardian¬†was shared and interestingly is exactly like my new program called “Brothers Lets Talk”. This program, designed to present to an all male audience asks participants where they are on a spectrum… On one end is racist, on the other is not racist. The question to the […]

April Speaking Whirlwind

I have had a busy last 30 days. I spoke at Illinois Wesleyan with my new “Brothers Let’s Talk” presentation, I did my Legacy presentation at Bradley University for Greek Week, I did my MGC Recruitment program for GVSU, I did recruitment sessions for both the FIU IFC and MGC Councils,¬†I did my “Abuelitas Hands” […]

2016 Conference Season

It is time to hit the road for 2016! I am kicking off the year with two big conferences. I am excited to be doing four (4) workshops for AFLV and then speaking for the first time at NGLA! The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) Central Conference is the weekend of Feb 4-7. […]

Hot August

August was a hot month, and a very busy month. The first weekend of August I had not one, but two conventions on the same weekend! Luckily both were in Chicago, and both groups were flexible so I was able to take turns going from one place to another. Because August is hectic at work, […]

2015 Six Month Review

It was a very busy six months, and it ended with a bang doing a program for my very own Fraternity. All I can say is thank you to all my clients, contacts, friends and especially Brothers for making it all possible for me. This was the semester of driving… and more driving… I don’t […]

Start With The Brother #SLBLI2015

This past weekend in Chicago was the Sigma Lambda Beta 2015 Leadership Institute. Interestingly I was the coordinator for two of these, 2005 and 2007, and served on the Board of Directors when it was changed from “Brotherhood Retreat” to our Leadership Institute. I am so proud to see the direction of the program and […]

Polishing Diamonds with RJO

Last weekend I had a great time working with the Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO) on a program I helped design for them last year. The “Next Generation Experience” is designed to help the up and coming future leaders of the fine jewelry industry. The participants were mostly second generation jewelers ready to lead their store, […]

April Showers and Travel

As they say, April Showers Bring May Flowers, well April was one of my busiest travel and consulting months yet. I had three programs, one at Illinois State, University of Illinois and then UCONN. It rained on my trips, but it was nice to travel through IL so much in one month, and what a […]

The Law and the Right Thing

I remember in grad school my law professor, the legal counsel for the university, taught us that there is a difference between the right thing, and the legal thing. As a class of idealistic future practitioners we applauded the conversations about when our institution made a decision it knew could get them in court, but […]

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