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Brothers Let’s Talk

Brothers Lets TalkToday on Facebook a post from the The Guardian¬†was shared and interestingly is exactly like my new program called “Brothers Lets Talk”. This program, designed to present to an all male audience asks participants where they are on a spectrum…

On one end is racist, on the other is not racist. The question to the participants is, “There is a ton of space in the middle, how close to either side are you?” It can also be asked of sexual assault, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, hazing, etc. Basically any major issue facing our campuses, country and/or society in general.

Often times our students, tend to brag about, “I am not racist”, or “I am not a rapist”… you can’t be proud of that, that is the minimum expectation. Especially for campus leaders, or company leaders, what are you doing to make the world a better place? Because you are either an advocate for improvement, or you are adding to the mess.

Like most of my programs I had written it specifically for one campus and it went really well that I thought maybe I can do this more… I am tweaking the program and will be submitting it to some conferences and would love the opportunity to do the program on your campus.


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