OutSight Consulting


Looking for an expert facilitator? I specialize in customized facilitation, nothing canned, I design the program for your campus and your expected outcomes. So whether you want something custom, multiple presenters or a program you saw at a major conference, OutSight can provide those services.

Some of the common programs we can do include:

MGC Recruitment (Top Requested Program)
This is my favorite topic… growing our groups the right way. Often times we think our size means we only have quality members, but how selective are we really being? I love to spark campus conversations about talking to more people to grow our selection pool of members. All programs are completely custom to your campus.
Sample Workshop: PDF Description

Council/Chapter Retreats (Chapter/Council Workshop)
I love to plan council or chapter retreats. I have done them for IFC Exec, Greek 101, Presidents Retreat, a specific chapter or just Greek/Student Leaders on campus.
Sample of MGC Org Retreat:  PDF Description

I love doing MGC based workshops and I can custom create specific programming as well. I can do Risk Management, helping create their MGC, etc.

Nonprofit Trainings (Development, Volunteer Engagement, Strategic Planning)
Greek Council Retreats
Policy, Procedure and Practice (Organizational Development – Councils)
National Board Training
Strategic Planning Facilitation (Chapter/Council/National Board)

I am also a certified Student Leadership Challenge Facilitator. This means I can write custom curriculum on the Leadership Challenge,  and then help deliver the program. That includes special discounts on program materials and supplies because he is a certified facilitator.

I have done facilitation for many schools and clients around the country… Alpha Psi Lambda, Retail Jewelers Organization, Florida Atlantic University, Grand Valley State, Delta Phi Lambda, Texas State, Marian University (WI), Nebraska, North Eastern Illinois, Purdue University, Indiana University, Colorado State, Alma College, University of Wisconsin, UT Arlington, Berkeley, Saginaw Valley State, and many more.

Higher Education and Leadership Development