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April Speaking Whirlwind

DePaul MGCI have had a busy last 30 days. I spoke at Illinois Wesleyan with my new “Brothers Let’s Talk” presentation, I did my Legacy presentation at Bradley University for Greek Week, I did my MGC Recruitment program for GVSU, I did recruitment sessions for both the FIU IFC and MGC Councils, I did my “Abuelitas Hands” program for the Adelante Fund’s Emerging Leaders Conference at UIC, and last night I wrapped up this hectic month with a conversation about leaving a powerful legacy with the MGC at DePaul University.

So in 30 days I traveled over 4,000, and nearly half of it was driving!
No wonder I feel so tired…. ha

Adelante Fund

I really enjoyed each trip and each campus. The new “Brothers Let’s Talk” program was fun to do to an all IFC audience. I liked being able to focus directly on them, on fraternities, and the issues they are facing. The men responded well, and it was about hard topics like sexual assault, racism, alcohol, etc. It was a nice dynamic to just talk to men, and have a direct angle about the important ways they need to be advocates, especially around issues that fraternities aren’t known for being allies on.

Every campus when I get to do my Legacy speech is fun. I can to taylor it to what is happening on that campus, specific issues and history, and put the big challenge out there to them about how they want history to remember them… Positive or Negative? Will they be bold and follow their principles and be the change agents our country needs? Or will they play it safe and just keep worrying about not getting in trouble. Time will tell, and time will be the ultimate judge.


The Adelante Fund program was unique… each time I get to tell the “Abuelitas Hands” story it is emotional to me. This time it was made special by all the great comments afterwards. Nothing like when someone out of the blue emails you days later to tell you it reminded them of their abuelita and why it is important that they succeed. Seeing the students respond, and want to talk to me after about their family foundation was a great reminder of why it is important to share that story.

It was a busy month, but nothing like visiting Miami, or going back to GVSU and visit Laker country. Thank you to all campuses that continue to bring me back, to the new schools that invited me to come, and to all the students I got to meet… THANK YOU! Hopefully see you all again soon.

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